Why us?

  • we have a proven staff of specialists with high qualifications
  • we have at our disposal 20,000 employees in a wide scope of conducted works
  • we undertake projects in the remotest corners of the globe
  • we cooperate with the biggest companies in the line of business

Our company

Our company was established in 1999. Since the beginning its sole owner is Mr. Krzysztof Zagródka. For many years we have been building a reputation of a company worth confidence and having at its disposal a rich base human resources.

Currently, our database contains 20,000 records, with data of workers from a widely understood construction line of business. Starting with experts, working at posts such as welder or bricklayer and ending with engineering and technical staff with fluent knowledge of foreign languages.

Our achievements

Our employees have worked with a countless number of projects.

At home we can boast significant participation in the building of Browary Żywieckie in Mysłowice and Globi warehouses near Warsaw.

Our biggest foreign projects are endeavours which were supported by over one hundred of our people. We conducted such type of projects in Norway at the construction of aluminium works and in Holland at the construction of tanks and pipelines.